Buying bananas For Delicious Treats

DescriptionA banana contains an enzyme called the acyl-propionate that acts on the membrane of the cell in a manner similar to insulin. The acyl-propionate has been called the plant hormone, as it appears to mediate the uptake and use of glucose in human and animal cells. The body’s cells are able to absorb glucose from the surrounding environment but when there is a low level of glucose in the bloodstream, it becomes difficult for the cells to take up the nutrients and as a result they will die. The body only produces enough insulin to provide its normal function but there is a limit beyond which the pancreas has to use its own supply of insulin. This is where the acyl-propionate comes in.

DescriptionThe fruit of the banana looks like small brown, soft globes but if you carefully peel the fruit from the stem, it looks like a shiny black thing with lots of little holes inside it. The interior contains water and the seeds which are the pulp of the fruit. The outer skin of the fruit is edible; hence, the term “banana peel”.

The nutritional value of bananas is considerable and the car has higher levels of vitamins A, C and E than the banana and almost double the protein and the iron levels of the banana. Banana contains almost 70% of the total calories in fruits while the acai contains more protein and fewer calories. Both these super foods are loaded with the essential nutrients that are good for our bodies. So, in terms of nutritional value, we can say that banana peels are better than acai.

HistoryThe banana was cultivated and eaten by man for centuries, but until around hundred years ago, it was largely unknown to the western world. When Europeans began to travel across the Middle East and brought bananas with them, it quickly became popular there and was even traded as an exotic crop. As a result, it travelled to many other parts of the world including Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America. Today, it grows wild in most of these areas.

Cavendish bananas These are the bananas that are cut and polished to remove the hollow or seed-like interior of the fruit and are used for eating and commercial purposes. It is the largest type of banana and accounts for the largest volume of exports. It is cultivated mostly in Southeast Asia and Central America. These days, it is mainly exported to the Caribbean, South America and Hawaii.

The benefits Cavendish banana peels contain an abundance of beta-carotene, an indicator of nutritional value. This is true especially of the deeper coloured types like the deep orange/red ones. Carotene is particularly good for improving eyesight and other visual functions like facial recognition.

The pulp contained inside the peel is the true fruit. The majority of the weight loss from eating this fruit is due to the presence of fiber in the peel. It is also rich in potassium, another substance vital to maintain correct acid/alkaline balance in our body system. It is advisable to eat this fruit after removing its outer skin or rind and after processing it for freshness.

Bananas are an ideal banana for vegetarians, as it is a non-food related product that does not increase the amount of saturated fat in the system. However, a balanced diet must still be incorporated if you want to get all the nutritional value out of it. This is especially true in cases where the banana is grown organically in places where agriculture is not totally forbidden.

There are many varieties of bananas in Southeast Asia. They are all hybrids of the Musa species. The most popular ones are the yellow, orange, white and pink varieties. The sweet yellow banana is the most popular around the world. Its flesh is firm and contains more beta-carotene than any other type of banana.

The international banana club refers to the banana peels that come from the West Indies. They have a higher amount of carotenoids and anthocyanins than the other varieties. This is because the West Indians does not grow them in the traditional way – they prefer to pick them off the trees when they are just ripe. In addition, this variety has a higher level of Vitamin C and potassium, which are both useful to health. It should be kept in mind that the Western banana peel is not used to make a recipe.

For people who love to eat bananas, it is time to visit the South American and Asian countries where these delicious snacks are grown. They will be surprised to find the quality and taste of the product they buy in the stores of the different countries. It is now possible to get the high-quality bananas from the USA and other European countries.

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