Fat Balm Recipes – The Dos and Don’t

Fat Bomb Recipes are not what you might think they are. In fact, this is not even really a “Recipe.” It’s more of an idea. A unique idea that started out as a way to help people lose weight was once going round in circles. Someone was always looking for new and inventive ways to take a simple concept and turn it into something spectacular.

The original concept was created by a woman who wanted to avoid using canola or olive oil in her cooking. She loved the taste of both oils but found that the oils were really greasy on her palate. After making some experiments, she discovered that the easiest way to get great tasting food was to add just a little bit of oil to the dish. Instead of using heavy oils, she instead opted for coconut butter.

As it turns out, fat bombs actually were a big fan of this idea since long before it was fashionable. One of her favorite snacks growing up was to simply put chunks of coconut fat in a skillet and deep fry them up. Of course, decades later this would probably be unacceptable and unhealthy. However, her interest in learning how to make low carb and fat bombs continued. It certainly seemed to be a healthier alternative to eating a burger or plate of nachos.

So, what made this girlie diet recipe so special? Fat bombs are typically filled with either chocolate or peanut butter. While some people feel these foods add too much sweetness to a meal, many others swear by them. If you haven’t tried filling a larger portions of food with chocolate or peanut butter, then you’re missing out! In fact, many recipes are adjusted slightly to substitute either of these ingredients for their butter substitute.

Fat bomb recipes often contain a mixture of coconut oil, vanilla extract, nutritional yeast, flaxseed oil, cinnamon, and perhaps some ginger or garlic. The combination of ingredients helps to produce a delicious, low carb and low fat dessert that everyone can enjoy. Whether you use coconut oil, chocolate, peanut butter, or even ice cream to top your low carb and fat bombs, you’re guaranteed to be a happy, healthy person who won’t turn off the stove or the oven because of high calorie foods.

The basic framework of low carb and fat bombs is very simple. You want to start with a basic baked potato (we like LeCoupeettie’s!) and then add a variety of different ingredients to the baking potato. For example, you can add flaxseed oil or ground flax seeds (ground is best) and then mix in a variety of different herbs, spices, and seasoning. A couple things to keep in mind are that you should not combine coconut oil and cream cheese unless they are completely combined. In addition, you can also mix in ground almonds as well as granola.

Now, we have a couple of more great tips. First, if you feel like burning off some more calories by adding some low carb ingredients to the batter, feel free to do so. Although, the fat content of your diet bomb will be considerably lower than that of traditional cake recipes, you can still eat all the cupcakes you want! Second, although coconut oil is used in fat bombs, it is a good idea to keep a second container of the oil on hand for mixing. This will help you make sure you don’t run out.

Other things that you will want to keep in mind are to keep track of how much liquid you are adding to the batter. If you are making low carb chocolate fat bombs, you will want to make sure that you are using enough liquid to make the batter. You will also want to add the sugar to the batter as sugar is an excellent source of energy for the body. Lastly, you will want to make sure to keep your ingredients together. The longer it takes to mix everything together, the longer it will take for the batter to cook.

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