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Fast weight loss diet refers to a kind of diet where you shed more than 2 pounds (one kilogram, kilo) in a week on a minimum of exercise. To shed weight in this fast manner, you consume very less calories than your requirement per day. These diets are mostly favored by overweight people who wish to shed weight rapidly for health reasons.

You can go for either of the two kinds of weight loss diet. The first is called the Dash diet. In the Dash diet, you can eat plenty of lean meats like chicken and lean fishes and then cut off all the unnecessary and calorie rich foods like cakes, biscuits, chips etc. You need to be careful about not consuming too much of sweet stuffs.

The second kind of weight loss diet is the Mediterranean diet. This diet consists mainly of mostly fresh vegetables and fruit and it also includes unprocessed legumes, whole grains and nuts. Studies show that both these kinds of diets help to burn fat more effectively. Also eating plenty of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables reduces chances of heart diseases, diabetes, stroke etc.

There are some drawbacks associated with both diets. For example, the Mediterranean diet includes a lot of protein, which results in some people feeling bloated after meals. Also some people prefer eating plenty of nuts, but research shows that they contain lots of calories. Similarly, studies show that eating too much of raw nuts may increase the risks of stroke. So, in short, the Mediterranean diet has some upsides and some downsides.

The main reason for people to like the Mediterranean diet is that it’s high in good carbohydrates, but bad in fats and cholesterol. The problem with this diet is that it’s so high in refined carbohydrates like white bread and pasta that people may feel hungry easily and eat more processed foods and sweets. Also, it’s not really high in proteins which may reduce your muscle mass and reduce your energy level. Studies show that a large portion of the Mediterranean diet consist of cooked food like pasta, rice and other grains. So, most of the time, when you eat a big portion of cooked food, you will feel hungry even before the end of the day.

The biggest controversy with this diet is the consumption of meat and dairy products. On the one hand, animal products contain essential nutrients like protein and healthy fats that can help you lose weight. However, plant-based diets are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals, which are essential for good health and weight loss. Plant-based diets avoid the consumption of too much animal product which can be bad for your health. Also, a lot of plant-based diets replace animal products with nuts, seeds, beans and other natural sources of proteins.

This diet has been around for decades but still people are confused about how to implement it in their daily life. The most effective way to do it is by combining it with an exercise and weight loss routine. Exercise will help you burn more calories and also help you to keep your metabolism up. Moreover, having an intermittent fasting plan will make your exercise more productive and efficient.

It is important that you count calorie intake as you go for your Mediterranean diet. Counting calorie is especially important because it helps you to make smart choices when it comes to portion sizes. Also, staying away from junk food is recommended. The Mediterranean diet is basically plant-based and includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of the Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey consume a lot of olive oil as part of their daily meals. In addition, it is important to drink lots of water because it helps in better digestion of food.

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